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stars-shone-through-his-soul asked: Part 1: I think Enjolras would have one of those really proud-looking, almost-hairless Siamese cats - the really tall, skinny ones. Everyone would be little bit freaked out by it because it acts exactly like Enjolras (or Enjolras acts exactly like the cat - it's hard to tell). It has the same haughty air, evil glare, attitude that it's in control and it's not too fond of physical contact.


2: Then Grantaire walks into the apartment one day and the cat just wanders over and decides that it loves Grantaire. Everyone would be completely shocked by the cat, draped over R and purring (no one has ever heard it purr before). Enjolras just goes bright red. (When they finally start dating Courf decides the cat is psychic and tries to get it to predict the World Cup results but eventually gives up because those blue, disapproving eyes are just a little too disconcertingly like Enjolras)

Enjolras would be the one to have a pet with an attitude, wouldn’t he?

He likes it cos it’s independent and doesn’t require all that much attention, but it will give affection when it wants to, which is perfectly fine by Enjolras. It also keeps people who are more, ah exuberant in their demonstrations of affection at bay, so he’s never afraid of it getting petnapped.

He’s pretty sure his cat knows how to read his mind as well, because it drapes itself all over Grantaire and purrs with definite intent and it washes itself and shoots Enjolras these very pointed looks.

(No, Enjolras is not making this stuff up. He saw it with his own eyes! The cat can read minds!)

The cat refuses to leave Grantaire’s lap and hisses at anyone (yes, even Enjolras) when they try to dislodge it, so Grantaire ends up staying later than everyone else. Then, when Grantaire is finally free to stand up, it trips Enjolras up by weaving between his legs as they’re walking to the door and oops, Enjolras is now in Grantaire’s arms.

The purrs as Grantaire and Enjolras blush in each other’s arms starts to sound a little too smug for Enjolras’ comfort.

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Grantaire had risen. The immense gleam of the whole combat which he had missed, and in which he had had no part, appeared in the brilliant glance of the transfigured drunken man.

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